Apr 28, 2016
Satoshi- (All reviews)
Happiness is a horror manga, tackles the subject of vampires and psychological in a master way. Initially in a school setting the characters are realistic, they act like normal students in front of the dangers and have their own personalities, wills, ways of acting, without being cliché.

The story follows Okazaki, a young man who accidentally turns into a vampire, a shower of tragedy falls in this manga in almost every chapter, with cliff hangers taking your breath away and making you marathon several chapters in a row without even wanting to. Read at your own risk, all the characters who enter the story are ready for a terrible end.

Art is an incredible extra point, it is unique, sinister, it is totally adequate for the climate of this narrative. Do not believe? Go back to this review when Okazaki the vampire look at the night sky. The author is the same as Aku in Hana, Chi in Wadachi and other artistically incredible works with high psychological content.

The manga is now complete, go and read it, just 50 chapters, it'll be a unique experience.

I recommend it to all fans of horror and psychological suspense, violence and tragedy. Happiness remembers Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin in some points but has its own brightness. You definitely will not regret it, it's a complete manga, good characters, good art and good story, go ahead !!