Dec 26, 2009
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MeltyBlood_Len (All reviews)
There's something to be said when a Sonic fan hates a Sonic show so much that they have to write a review on a public website so that other people can see it and (most likely) disagree. But let me say this clearly: I am a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan and I hate this show.

Why do I hate this show so much? Well, let's compare it to the best Sonic TV Show ever, Sonic SatAM.

Sonic X: well... maybe like, 5 out of 10.
Sonic SatAM: 9/10

Any of you who remember Sonic SatAM know that the storyline was pretty intense while still at the same time being humorous. It could balance seriousness and comedy and that was something that made the show so good. I mean, the show was about pollution for the most part, but Sonic and the others DID talk about other things AND created comedy out of the situation. You might not have realized you were learning about the environment, and you probably weren't really. But I'm sure that you saw Robotnik's home and thought 'Ew gross, jeez, I hope this doesn't happen where I'm from' or something like that.

Sonic X, I have to say starts off with a decent plot but only if you know the characters already. If you just come in, they show you all the characters, but you don't really know them. I think that the original two arcs for this series is chronicled in the two games Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 (SADX and SA2B for Gamecube players). Well, the games are better than the series itself, but for the most part, the stories are the same. But the characters do play a part in the plot, so I can't say that I can put the plot up high, like I would if we were just talking about the game.

Sonic SatAM: For me 8/10
Sonic X: For me, 6/10

This really depends on which Sonic you like better, honestly. They're drawn in two different styles and I prefer the older Sonic to the newer one. The art is pretty clean in Sonic X. It's also pretty good in Sonic SatAM. I think the backdrops in both are really good, and the character design again, really depends on which Sonic you like. Same with all the other characters. The only character that would make any real difference is probably Robotnik, as known as Eggman (Why?). I think his design was the most radical change ever (since he went from pointy headed with small, red eyes to... well, Eggman). Honestly, I like the newer Robotnik (Eggman) better. The Older one just was creepy. Although hilarious.

Sonic SatAM: 10/10
Sonic X: skklfjklsadjfkjdakkkkkk

Opening themes:
Sonic SatAM has THE BEST OPENING EVER. Like seriously, how could you not get pumped for the show when you heard it? If you weren't thrilled by the theme itself, you could get excited watching the opening animation itself. So there you go.
While Sonic X's animation is pretty intense for reasons I can't explain other than running everywhere all the time, I can also say that the theme song is pretty meh. It reminds me of the Yu-Gi-Oh one or the Digimon one, only not executed well. The premise behind these themes is just to repeat the name of the show over and over again in the hopes that you'll remember the show with only a few other words that aren't like "Digimon' or whatever. Sonic X tries to do that, but it's not really well executed. I moreso got annoyed. There's only so many times I can here "gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster" before I want to skip to the commercials for relief. But sometimes I'm really stoked when I hear it, like, "AW MAN I LOVE THIS" and sometimes I'm just like "Eh." And I really can't say that it's because the song is bad. I can't say that it's because it's good. So I don't know how to rate this. I just know that I'm a fan of the opening theme for the most part.

Voice Acting:

Both series have their pitfalls, but I will give them both a pretty high score for voice acting, even if I don't think some characters matched their voices. As always, Knuckles is a favorite character and most people AGREE with his voice actor. Big sucks, but his voice did match his absolute suckiness. Amy's voice actor was good too. Rouge also. Only one voice would grate at my nerves for hours on end, CHRIS. And since he was in PRETTY MUCH EVERY EPISODE, everyone sounded okay in comparison, as long as he shut up.

Sonic SatAM: 7/10
Sonic X: 2/10

This is where Sonic SatAm can dull a little bit. Sonic SatAM consists of a wide range of characters, in what I call Sonic Syndrome. SEGA shows that they can't leave Sonic well enough alone by constantly adding new characters to the games without any real reason and then dropping them forever afterwards. Granted, all the characters in Sonic SatAM are in the comic series... but it's still sort of like "Do any of these guys do anything but wait around for Sonic?" And everyone always hates on Tails, but he's one of the only characters who is CONSISTENT in the series. Props, Tails. Props.

Sonic X has the biggest case of Pretentious Sonic Syndrome-- adding characters to the series and then acting like those characters are so totally canon. Prime Example: CHRIS AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY. If you played the games, when you watch the show, you're like, "What the fuck is this? Who thought this was a good idea? Why? Why?" Yes, we get that Sonic enters 'our world', but he never befriends a human to the point of living with him. I guess you could say that a hole in the plot of the games is that everything seems to take place in just about one or two days... but that's the entire point. Sonic is fast. When he saves the world, he does it quickly. He doesn't need Chris or Chuck or any of that stuff. And Chris isn't even well written, in my opinion. I don't know, I would just play the game at that point.

Sonic SatAM: 10/10
Sonic x: 1/10

No, I'm not going to be nice. I hate Sonic X. HATE. I went in thinking it would be good and, like any good Sonic fan, I defended the hell out of this show. But I blame 4Kids for the lack of creative process put into the show, and I honestly hope no one watches this because holy crap, it is terrible. It's not even that the premise is bad, it's that it was executed terribly despite 4Kids having the thing set up in front of them. Seriously. The series was RIGHT THERE, already written out in all of it's fantastic gaming glory but no one thought to themselves, "Hey, the people who watch this because they like Sonic are gonna get really pissed off." On the other hand, if you like Sonic and old cartoons, you'll probably like Sonic SatAM (and probably think Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is hilarious/deplorable and that Sonic Underground shouldn't even exist). In other words, play the game or watch something else Sonic related. Like the straight-to-VHS movie, Sonic the Hedgehog. DEFINITELY WATCH THAT. Not this. This should be placed in the bowels of hell and forgotten about.