Apr 25, 2016
Van-Balthazar (All reviews)
I decided to write this review after reviewing other reviews over the same anime. 90% of the reviews were against this legendary anime. people said this anime was overrated but ask me that i believe that Fairy Tail (2014) in underrated. It should have been in the best. Any way lets get to the point.

This season comprise of 4 arcs although the last arc (10 episodes) are not that interesting because they go to way before past where fairy tail wasnt even borne yet still the other 3 arcs are full of action and entertainment. Its a total blast of shounen. Although i too believe that this season was not funny like the previous one but that was because this time they took a rather serious way to deal things as the troubles this time were greater than ever.
The dialogues the feelers and the chills of excitement are filled in this season and the one thing that has advanced is the fighting style. It is superb this time not to say that it was not superb the previous time but this time it was on a far whole level.
So i believe one should watch this anime regardless of the size because after watching it you will find your true self, you will start to believe in yourself and also a sense of goodwill will be born within you regarding your loved ones. this anime will boost your courage and fill you with enthusiasm.

One should really watch this anime with full interest and i am sure you will enjoy it so best of luck with it. I hope you liked my review even though it seemed a little unrealistic.