Apr 23, 2016
mankansh0ku (All reviews)
I generally don't write reviews on anything I've seen, but I really think I should write on this anime.

From what I've seen on many websites, people bash this anime because it is not like Uta no Prince-Sama. Personally, I'm glad it's not UtaPri. I do enjoy UtaPri, but there are some things that I like here more the UtaPri.

People also need to realise that UtaPri and Shounen Hollywood may be about idols BUT one does not focus on love and beauty of the idol life, but the realism of it.
Story [7/10]
The story does start off a little slow, but it is very enjoyable. It is about high school boys who want to be idols, but they face hardships. They are the second generation of Shounen Hollywood. However, many people are not fond of them being a second generation and send very hurtful letters to discourage them, however these boys persevere. These kids do it through hardwork and build up their talent without going to a school specifically for it. These guys start from the ground up. The only problem is it doesn't explain too much on why they were chosen for the group. (Maybe it does next season).

Art [7/10]
The a little bit awkward for me. I got used to it though. It was pretty realistic, but there are some moments where the art was a little iffy.

Sound [8/10]
I really like the songs, but there weren't any jaw dropping songs. I think their voices go well together. My favourite song is Eien Never Ever.

Character [8/10]
The character development is very good. I'm not too sure where some people say it was absolutely terrible??? But of course, there are a few things that seem kind of confusing, but not enough to outright say it was terrible.

Enjoyment [9/10]
I quite enjoyed watching this anime. I really liked how it focused more on the realism of the idol industry and was not all happy 24/7. I also liked how they didn't throw any romance in here. I really think that's what made me enjoy it so much.
Overall [8/10]
It's a pretty good show. I recommend it to those who want to see something that deals with hardships and realism of the idol industry without all the mushy love scenes and ideas.