Apr 23, 2016
CrossWiredGarden (All reviews)
Story -3-
The manga attempts to do a new story each chapter. There are mangas that can do this well, but this is not one of them, each story was half baked and never really followed a real story line. A repeat story within the manga was always that the main Vocaloids, Miku, Rin and Len, were always broke. One of the recycled plots was the three of them attempting to make money in different ways, only to gather just enough money for the concert that they wanted to have, but surprise, the money is used for Meiko and Kaito’s concert. The characters were always just all thrown in so they could all be there, there were one or two good stories, but they were far and few in between. Even the good stories tended to have recycled plots, as the good chapters often focused on the characters developing slightly as a person. The stories also had the feeling that they were just thrown in so that you could laugh at the characters or feel bad for them. For mangas that do a new story for each chapter, the chapter needs to be more than a few pages long so that the story can have a clear beginning, middle and end, without this the stories are often muddled and leave the reader confused and dissatisfied.

Art -8-
The art in the manga was rather good. Where the story falls flat, the art was able to make the manga at least bearable. The art was also constant; there were no times where the art would feel out of place. The characters were all different from one another, so there was no confusion between them.

Character -4-
I feel as though the characters were a bit underdeveloped, much like the stories. Miku was always the ditz, air headed idol, Rin the aggressive little sister, ect. These characters can appeal to many people and they could have worked better within the manga, but how they were presented made them very unappealing and made the characters feel as though they were simple stock characters, and in other words severely underdeveloped. The vocaloid characters are known, and they are known as somewhat like stock characters, but there is a way to make them feel as though they are more of original ideas. There is potential in the characters, they just need to be more thought out, they are currently more of a frame-work rather than a full character.

Enjoyment -2-
I did not enjoy the manga, because of the frame-work characters and the frantic stories. I found myself rushing to finish the manga just to be done with it, wanting to move onto a different manga. The art work was good and the one or two good stories that I would find every so often saved this from being a 1, but beyond that, I could not find myself enjoying the manga. I feel that if KEI had spent more time making the stories and more time making the characters a bit more realistic, than this manga would have had a lot more enjoyment in it.

Overall -4.25-
This manga feels as though it was someone’s attempt to try and make some money due to Miku’s popularity. If you see the manga for sale, I would not recommend one to buy it, rather try to find it online if you’re that interested in reading it. If you want to see the art work and try to study from it, again find it online, it is not worth the money that is asked for it. There are other mangas that do the one story per chapter better and have the same characters throughout the entire story line, such as Orenchi no Furo Jijou.