Apr 20, 2016
Preliminary (10/? chp)
How can a manga be so sexy?
This manga turned me on a lot of time without the need of explicit scene. Actually 10Dance barely has sexual scenes - the dance is all the sex we need! (as far I read)

The Story is just a excuse to the Top1 classic dancer take dance classes with the Top1 latin dancer (a sexy-as-f**k half Cuban). But the history's flow is very good an make sense. There's a bit of feelings moments, a lot of funny-and-sexy ones a even serious scenes.

For who love soft hunk, but not gym freaks or overbuffed ogres, men better than bishounen guys the art style is just the most perfect thing ever.
Also the details, anatomy and feelings' expression are a masterpiece.

It's not the average 'opposite personalities' cliché.
I love these two. A cheerful and easy-going latin who also can fell awkward. A serious-looking and hard-worker Japanese who can also has his joker side.
It's rare and really cool a BL (or ML?) manga where the straight guys keeps straight until the end* (or at least as far I read). None of they are tsundere, none of they are blushing-for-anything finickys and there's not this annoying "unknowingly reciprocal feelings" thing.

Just the best BL manga I ever read. It has a lot of what I love and n.o.n.e of what I dislike.
It's very funny. It's sexy as heck. And a sight for sore eyes. 11/10

If you like BL and is not a "girly/childish character only" reader you MUST read it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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