Apr 18, 2016
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if I had a nickel... Ehh Hmm, That aside, Yuyushiki was exceptionally good despite the overused character types. I think my favorite thing about the show was the characters. Yuyushiki is full of common "archtypes" and have "typical" character personalities that are as stated before, overused. So I had a very difficult time at first, maybe around episodes 1-5 to get into the show because of this. That aside, what I found great about the characters was that it turned out to be one of those shows where despite their character types, the girls still managed to maintain their own unique individuality, along with being really cute no matter what they are doing. They are likable for the most part, annoying at times however the characters redeem themselves every once in a while through hilariously well put comedic moments.

The story, plots, pretty typical. It's your average.. slice of life that focuses on the lives of three high school girls so not too much of importance when it comes to story or plot development. Lastly, let me add that it can be said that you've probably already seen shows like this a little over 100 or so times however I want to say that if you do decide to give it a watch you'll notice that the characters in Yuyushiki stand out from the norm. Again, this depends on if you're familiar with shows similar to Yuyushiki.

Art and animation in this show, I feel like it is lacking strongly in good character designs. However, after doing a bit more research via Google and... well the damn description on the page, I see that it's originally a 4-koma manga and depending on the artist most don't... well the artist I know like Midori Endō, Tozen Ujiie, etc don't care too much about character apperances as long as they look friendly and can have faces that look great during reaction scenes which is something that happens a lot in Yuyushiki.. "reaction faces the anime." Actually, I think that title belongs to Nichijou... Mmhhh.

Moving along I didn't care too much for the soundtrack, BGM, OP and EDs. Nothing stood out too me. Voice acting was great, seiyuu's did a perfect job bringing their characters to life.

My overall enjoyment of Yuyushiki was minimal at first however when I re-watched it this week it kind of grew on me. Lots of fun moments and more importantly friendship to go around, yes. Overall I had to give this show an 8/10 because it's one of those shows that become really heart-warming at times. In a way it reminds me of K-On! a group of moe girls just having fun just enjoying their youth. Give it a watch, and a chance, Yuyushiki is worth it.