Apr 16, 2016
Jun98 (All reviews)
Did not expect to watch to the end of the series.....

Hibiki Kazaguruma, a sixth grader, meets a little robot named Breakin while coming home from school one day. Breakin is a dancer from an alternate dimension dance world who challenged the dance king for the throne but lost. His dance stones (the stones of dance power) were taken away and sent to the human world. To challenge the dance king again, Breakin must collect the Dance stones scattered on Earth.

So overall, this plot is very simple.
You meet an alien who suddenly appears out of nowhere and help him accomplish whatever mission he has.
The interesting part about this anime would be the villains, especially their backstory.
To be fair, this anime isn't for people who would want a complicated hidden plot or character development.

If you're interested in dance or just love watching funny anime, why not give this anime a try?
It's a bit long and at a certain point you might just want to watch something else but it's a good break for when you want to watch something different!