Apr 16, 2016
Sara_Isayama (All reviews)
This is one of the worst anime I've ever seen.
(And I've seen a lot)

If this was some cheap production, with recycled scenes, it'd be easy to see why it's bad. After all, "look! They reused the same animation for the umpteenth time!"

But that's not why GATE is bad. Gate is bad because of really, really terrible story. The plot is horrible and the characters worse.

The plot is essentially: A stargate like portal to another world opens in downtown Tokyo. A hoard of a marauding medieval army and monsters comes out and starts attacking civilians.

But! The Japanese Self Defense Force steps in to save the day! Then they launch an invasion of the other side of the gate, and set up a full military base there, and begin to basically occupy and slaughter hundreds of thousands of iron age level people.

What makes this horrible is is not just that GATE is a completely one-sided massacre. It's that the JSDF is celebrated as these great people with wonderful personalities who switch effortlessly between mass killing and affable, likeable people at a moment's notice.

Then, to top it all off, their invasion is shown to be celebrated by some of the local people.

The whole thing feels profane. There's one scene where you are shown in this pristine, undisturbed ecosystem that fighter jets have been brought into this other world, and while people are riding around on horseback, the JSDF is flying practice maneuvers overhead.

There's even a scene in one episode where they mimic the "Ride of the Valkyries" scene from Apocalypse Now, complete with music blaring from the helicopters as the JSDF essentially murders masses of people with the sheer one-sided slaughter, just mowing them down.

The entire anime, is essentially unabashed Japanese military propaganda.
But whereas most military propaganda, likes to portray troops as hero's and rescuers, this show portrays the JSDF as unabashed mass murderers who are perfectly okay, and completely unfazed with mass one-sided slaughter.

It's like watching an army recruitment commercial, only one that after showing the troops spilling out of the landing craft, with patriotic music, then shows them lining up 2000 people and executing them on site, and then afterwards laughing and smiling, while the patriotic music still plays.

It's sickening. And completely absurd. And the characters are just as shallow. They have no morals, feel no sense of wrong about what they are doing, just continue to follow orders and act like what they are doing is a-ok.

I wouldn't be surprised if the production itself was backed by money from the JSDF. It's pretty unabashed propaganda.

But what makes this really horrible to watch, is how unashamed they are at the horrible things they are doing, and how it's portrayed as completely normal with no sense of irony.

The sound design is pretty poor, the characters are poor, the plot is terrible. The animation? It's not bad, but most of it is simply showing off guns and military vehicles so is essentially gun otaku porn.

I kept watching, hoping it might get better, and that the glorification of one-sided mass killing was really supposed to be flipped around at some point and show the JSDF as the bad guys they really are in this anime. Nope. It just keeps acting like they are the good guys, in the most absurd way.

Very creepy, and extremely unintelligent, shallow, and hollow show with one-sided characters, and very obviously being Japanese Military propaganda.

"Look! We don't just slaughter people, we laugh and have a beer afterwards too!"