Apr 12, 2016
cactusanime (All reviews)
So far this manga is really cute!

Tbh, the creepiest thing about this manga is the whole imouto thing. The author puts in these scenes that involve the main character's brother's friends talking about how they'd love to be incestuous if they had sisters and how lucky the character's brother is to have such a cute little sister. That's really creepy, and the main character even plays to this fantasy sometimes! It's 100% the only thing about this manga that puts me super off.
It's really weird, is what I'm saying.

Otherwise the story is great. It's about a fashionable first year girl who is lonely in high school without her middle school friends. She sees a cute girl, but the cute girl is an otaku. She decides to convert the cute girl into not being an otaku, but ends up loving certain aspects of otaku culture and also finds herself falling in love with the otaku! It's super sweet and cute.

The art is great and the character designs are pretty good too! The story isn't something I would have thought of, but I like it. And I could always use more shoujo ai in my life.

Please try this manga out. It's cute and gay and interesting and that's all I ever asked for.