Apr 12, 2016
spacebro (All reviews)
The OPM specials are worth watching, don't let my low score fool you. I don't know if it's just a product of the sometimes awkwardly translated subs these are coming out with, but I found the humour overall in these to be a bit drab.

OPM specials feel like an episodic slice-of-life comedy. Let me clarify by saying that's about as far from my genre of choice as it gets, but I also feel it's far from the appeal of what OPM's mainline series was too.

While the art stays true to the original series, there's rarely a chance for Madhouse to really shiny when there's little to no action in the specials at all, and when there is it's nothing nearly as bombastic as the mainline series. It's above average at best, unmemorable at worst. It does give you some interesting insight into the lives of all the main characters, and that's the main reason I find it worth watching.

If you're a fan of OPM because of its unique blend of comedy, action, interesting characters, and occasional tug at your heart strings, then the specials simply don't have every ingredient. It's cake without the icing, but at 12 minutes an episode it at least doesn't overstay its welcome.