Apr 11, 2016
lisyaoran2009 (All reviews)
If you love cute or colourful animation, Haitai Nanafa is an excellent choice for you. Most of the characters are very cute and has colourful eyes and hair. there's slightly shaft's head shift animation there, but do not confuse since this is not made by shaft.

the story revolves around nanafa's family, or it supposed to be like that, but not. The main character is nina, the troublemaker and makes nanafa family more lively. Nina is a wood spirit which nanafa kyan accidentally release from tree. I don't know what happen to the last 2-3 episode because it seems rush to climax (maybe the producer somehow has a wake-up call to make this slice of life animation into suspense and drama? )

Anyway, I have a fun ride watching this animation, the downfall is the duration of animation, it is toooo short (3-5 min include the ending song, how short is that?? )