Apr 10, 2016
BGdealer (All reviews)
I really have never found such an amazing anime in the past four years of watching daily. This show made me KEK harder than I've KEK'd in a long keking time. This review will be spoiler free.

Story: With an immediate sense of who the characters are at heart and their troubles in the past Divine Gate really gets you excited quickly. Any parts of the story that seem unclear are explained efficiently with the flashbacks in the episodes to come as the flashbacks are few in number and are highly informative. The story follows multiple characters and their own personal grief and what they have to do to rid themselves of the guilt that has swallowed them. This is all done with the help of the expert writers at the forefront of this anime.

Art: Words cannot describe the beauty that this shows art style has. The mixing of 2D and 3D make the fight scenes not only entertaining but interesting to watch and then re-watch later. I've never seen an art style capture the story within it so well.

Sound: The soundtrack of Divine Gate really made me hyped up during the battles that happen throughout. While I'm not much of a sound critic in particular I will say that the music during the battles was quite enjoyable. The opening is quite amazing I have downloaded it on to my phone and wish to play it on the piano.

Character: They're all great, every single one. I'm not a huge fan of Akane but having someone that you don't like as much really shows why the others shine so brightly KEK sorry Akane.

This was my first review and I hope it made you want to go out there and watch Divine Gate right away! It will not be a mistake.

Sincerely, BGdealer