Apr 10, 2016
GatshiroKujo1138 (All reviews)
Overall 6

Paizuri Cheerleader vs Sakunyuu Ouendan is decent hentai that suffers due to the fact that it is only one episode. The plot isn't all that original but, I felt that it was executed in an interesting manner, but its hard to really say to much about it because it is only one episode. It seems like it is going in an interesting direction. However, the problem is we never see where it goes. It was also a pretty vanilla hentai that may of been aiming to be a harem, but it never really came to fruition. So, theres no weird stuff like Scat or so on.

Story 6

I am giving a 6 because its not bad, but it is unfinished. I know writing isn't why we watch hentai but, I still feel like I should say something about it. Im not going to go into details, as the summary is already written. It has some generic aspects but, the way that this hentai handles it is descent but, suffers because there are no more episodes.

Art 7

I have no real complaints about the art, its pretty descent for a hentai. This hentai is obviously catering to a big tit fetish, so most of the girls are well endowed, although since there is only 1 episode only a few of the girls are seen naked, or are involved in any lewd activity. Of course it is censored but, its not as bad as other anime you can make out the details. Most people who watch hentai are used to this though.

Sound 8

Theres nothing to really complain about, the sound is pretty clear, you can hear it fine. There it doesn't fade in or out or any have any technical problems. Theres nothing really to write home to about either.

Character 6

The main character has the personality of a brick. He's mainly there for sexual issues. The female characters have more personality, and come off as more interesting. They are pretty much generic anime stereotypes, so the character development is pretty shallow. Yuko showed the most promise but, still falls short. This could of been approved upon in a second or even third episode.

Enjoyment 7

I was not bored, the sex scenes were interesting enough to keep your attention, and the girls were pretty descent looking. There are definitely better, more entertaining hentai out there. However, this hentai is still worth a watch. It is only one episode, and I keep saying that because I feel the hentai suffers from it quite a bit.