Apr 7, 2016
TJBlue27 (All reviews)
(First review and all that so forgive me if there's some stuff I missed or didn't explain correctly).

Where to begin with this absolute abomination of an anime.

The story is a convoluted mess. The writing is appalling. The dialogue is awful, and the attempts at being poetic, especially in the first episode, were so cringe worthy it hurt. The story seems to jump between episodes, often giving little explanation as to what the characters are doing, why they're doing it or why the audience should even care. The characters are especially unmemorable, each having their own motivations for finding the 'Divine Gate'. Unfortunately, their reasons are either unclear, boring or just plain stupid, making it incredibly hard to get invested or root for any one of them. None of the characters are interesting in the slightest, perhaps with the exception of Aoto. (Is he the main character? Is the fire guy? Or green girl? Forgive me for being unable to remember their names, but it seemed to start with the show pushing Aoto as its main character before moving on to the other two then just giving all of them the spotlight without actually doing anything with them. By the end they just seem to exist because they'd already been introduced and the writers couldn't come up with anything more for them to do after the "plot" shifted and seemed to focus more on Loki and Arthur and their situations.) Aoto caught my interest in the first episode but then that quickly went downhill when he turned out to be nothing more than a whiny, angsty kid with family issues. The story finishes on a terrible cliffhanger, not solving anything. Please God don't let a second season be made, please.

The art isn't terrible but it's nothing to write home about. Battles, when they do happen, aren't difficult to watch and occasionally looked decent. (The battles, for me at least, were the only enjoyable thing about this show but they seemed to fade towards the end). Animation is okay, not particularly impressive. The show looks like an average anime.

The sound is a mixed bag. The OP is fantastic and I never skipped it. (Same goes for Luck & Logic and that show was baaaad too but I digress). Voice acting is okay, but no-one stands out. The soundtrack itself...well, aside from the OP, I can't remember another track, but nothing was terrible.

This show was an absolute pain to slog through every Friday. 25 minutes of boredom watching angsty teens try and reach this mythical 'Divine Gate', which I'm not sure of what it even does, with rare moments of fun when battles occurred, was not enjoyable, at all.

If it's not apparent, I hate this show. So, so much. The story is pathetic, the characters boring and it was exactly the opposite of what, I think, anime should be. Enjoyable. Fun to watch. Ah well, at least it gave me a great OP.