Apr 6, 2016
Mako (All reviews)
If you're familiar with Rikako Iketani's work, then you've probably read Bitou Lollipop and you will most certainly know just what to expect from Six Half. It is a moderately long and elaborate manga, very dramatic at times, extremely emotional both in a sense of emotions conveyed by the characters and emotions evoked by the story, and it is not in the least boring.

The art is top-notch and the mangaka's style is easily recognizable. Although at the beginning it takes some time getting used to (for example, I saw people commenting on the eyes, but it really is just a matter of taste), the art is undeniably part of the whole psychological experience and it goes well with the story. Plot-wise Six Half is rather well written. The word 'quality' often comes to mind when I think about this manga. It has enormous re-readability value. That is, if you enjoy dramatic slice-of-life stories packed with emotions and complex relationships.

Anyway... We have an amnesiac protagonist with a difficult past and a complicated family situation. We follow the protagonist on her journey as she tries to reinvent herself and struggles to find her place in the suddenly unfamiliar surroundings. She is very troubled by the loss of her memories and the things she learns about herself from those around her. Her identity crisis is a major part of the plot, as well as the underlying events that might have contributed to her memory loss. The characters are complex and there is a lot of development, both positive and negative. You are likely to feel love, sympathy, pity, hate, maybe even rage. You might not even like where the story goes and how it ends, but it is a worthwhile read regardless. Six Half has left me with mixed feelings. I did enjoy it quite a lot, but at the same time I did not like some of the emotions I experienced while reading it. But that is normal and certainly not something to be afraid of.