Apr 4, 2016
Tyuzi (All reviews)
No spoilers...

You're probably thinking of an 7/10 a bit of a low rating, but I'm taking in the account of 5/10 being an average. That, I consider an exceptional score. I also currently follow MLB (Major League Baseball) and used to play baseball. I just want you to keep all that in mind.

I first thought the 2nd season will be like the 1st season, this was going to be a long drag and have a pretty cliche/predictable story. This is considering having to go through the previous season’s 75 episodes, but still enjoyed it enough for the nostalgia and epic moments.

Boy, I was so wrong.

For sports anime, there always the main team's goal to win nationals or blah blah blah, win the tournament. However, for this one, that wasn't really solely that goal. I can't give away anything (cuz spoilers), but this gives a twist to the series I wasn't totally expecting. Still, generally a sport anime story though...

What really makes this a great sport anime is the characters. There are so many character that I can’t even keep up. Each character has some kind of unique quirk, style, backstory, or even the way they're drawn is what makes them stand out. This certainly the case for Sawamura and new characters to follow. Many aren’t really one dimensional.

The art direction is still solid, but not amazing. What really brought this score down was the art. There wasn’t really improvement since the previous season. I don’t mean the art was bad to begin with, but a lot of the characters are drawn inconsistently and the background NPCs are even worse. The backgrounds are sometimes inconsistent too. But the little details like the strings on the fielding gloves and the designs on the batting gloves are a plus.

As for the sound, the OST is still amazing as in the first season and the openings/endings are just as good as well. Sound effects are nice too.

This was also prominent in the 1st season as well. I’ve been hearing complaints of during the 2nd season of: “Oh is this Furuya no Ace?” or “When will Sawamura have the spotlight?” It seems some people don’t really understand why this is necessary. Although it is painstaking that Sawamura doesn’t really get to show his stuff and Furuya still butts in, this helps the MC develop. Without Furuya, Sawamura wouldn’t have a burning passion he does right now. Furuya completes Sawamura. Please don’t be like those butthurt fans. I just want you to keep that in mind into the 2nd season from the 1st.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 2nd season, well worth going through the 1st. Oh don’t forget the dreadful cliffhangers! ;)