Apr 3, 2016
Dracosine (All reviews)
Akagami no Shirayukihime or Snow White with the Red Hair in English is a beautiful Romance/Slice of life anime based in a Fantasy setting.

The second season in my opinion didn't have as much of an impact on me as the first season however has it's beautiful and tear jerking moments, some surpassing season 1.

The art style is perfect for the anime and the animation quality is top notch. However the story lacks a bit in my opinion as not a whole lot happens in terms of events, but you do learn a lot more about the supporting casts and Shirakyuki herself.

The anime focuses on Shirayuki and Prince Zen and their struggles due to the difference in their social statuses. There is a wide range of supporting cast whom are all likeable from the female knight Kiki who is the cool headed badass to the loyal Mitsuhide whom worries over Zen 24/7.

Much to my surprise one of the supporting cast from season 1 becomes an integral part of season 2 and even potentially part of the main cast, he is favourite male in the anime and totally deserves it.

If you enjoyed season 1 or are looking for a romance anime then this is definitely one to watch!

This review is simply my own personal opinion so do not take it at complete face value.