Apr 3, 2016
kurokitty-mimi (All reviews)

Many people argue that Dagashi Kashi is nothing more than one big advertisement for Dagashi. This may or may not be true. Perhaps if you are Japanese and had grown up on Dagashi, this series is probably so slice-of-life that it’s boring. As someone genuinely interested in the lifestyles of Japanese citizens beyond anime and pop culture, I found this anime quite educational! Not only had I never heard of Dagashi before watching episode 1, but it also gave me a look into Japanese childhood, and growing up in the Japanese countryside. I also love the silly characters, especially Hotaru. If you are interested in Japanese culture as a whole, and you enjoy your light-hearted series’, then Dagashi Kashi is for you! It helps that I’m also a bit of a foodie.

I was rather confused by the final episode, which almost completely lacked closure. Are they leaving an opening for a second season, or did they really just not know how to wrap up this anime?