Apr 2, 2016
Monoxid (All reviews)
This piece of art... is absolutely precious.

I've experienced the reader's chills many times before, but here they come just from looking at Yumi's face. He's so beautiful! Ah! His existence justifies everything and if there is anything in the story, that is not perfect, it's cancelled. I am so happy I read this only because the cover art caught my attention.

To give you the idea what you're getting into, in case you decide to read this yaoi... It's about adult people in the real world - ehm, okay, in slightly yaoi-sed and idealised version of the real world. The point is, it's not all about steamy yaoi sex and overly manly seme saving the world. It's trying to present the daily struggels of ordinary humans, showing even sides of their personalities which someone could call ugly - and somehow sparkle the chemistry between these pages and the reader. The feel is real.