Apr 2, 2016
ThatCrazyElitist (All reviews)
A short anime about a creepy pet shop in Chinatown. You can certainly say that I was quite interested when I heard about Pershop of Horrors. And it was just 4 episodes so I decided to give it a try. It was indeed quite interesting, but very inconsistent. The 4 episodes were 4 different story's and they are very different both in themes and quality. So let's look at this promising mess.

~story~ 5/10
Count D (yes, that's really our main characters name) owns a pet shop in China Town, and as if that isn't weird enough he also looks like a gothic emo with… interesting eyes (if you have already watched this anime, you know what I mean). Oh and he sells mythical creatures and the customers have to sign a creepy contract to buy these creatures. And if they break the contract, disaster and even death follow. Intriguing to say at least, our other main character, a police man named Leon, seems to think the same thing and is quite suspicious of this "pet shop". When clients of the pet shop die one after another, he tries his best to figure out what's going on and he kind of fails.
There are 4 different stories about people who buy "pets" in the pet shop and then break the contract. Every story was very different, because of this the viewers have no time to learn more about the characters and by the end of the story you still don't know what was really going on. Why did Count D sell these mythical creatures? Where did he find them? There are so many unanswered questions and the anime was just way too short. Another problem was that the 4 story's all have a different atmosphere, the first two were darker than the last two. Because of this, it felt like the creators just picked 4 random stories added a creepy pet shop and then put them together in one anime.
The story had a lot of potential and it was very interesting. But it was way too short and it turned into a mess, an intriguing mess. A lot of questions remain unanswered and the story was very inconsistent, even though the themes were really interesting. It just could have been some much more if there were more episodes.

~art~ 5/10
The art just screams 90's, especially the character designs. But only Count D and some of his pets looked interesting, most of the other characters looked bland. The makers tried to create a dark, creepy and spooky atmosphere. Because of this a lot of dark colors were used, the animation itself was not that bad for an anime made in 1999, but it's certainly not good. Some of the character designs and the backgrounds were just lazy. Come on Madhouse, we all know you can do better than this.
The animation is mediocre and the character designs could have been better. It isn't extremely bad for a 90's anime but people who watch anime for the art and the pretty colors (I really hope that these kind of anime fans are a small minority) will be disappointed.

~music~ 3/10
To say the music was not the best part of this anime is an understatement. The opening and ending song were both extremely forgettable. For the background music and sounds, the sounds sometimes just disappeared and the background music was weak, though the music managed to create a spooky atmosphere now and then. And the English dub is officially one of the worst dubs ever made, just don't watch this anime with the dub when you care about your ears. The Japanese voice acting was better but still pretty weak.
The music and the sounds were by far the weakest part of this anime, the opening, ending and background music were forgettable and the dub is horrible.

~characters~ 4/10
There is literally no character development, normally this would have been enough to give the characters a 2/10. But the anime is just 4 episodes so I can't really blame the creators for having no time to properly develop the characters. Most characters only appear in one episode, these characters aren't particularly interesting but they serve their purpose and are more or less plot devices. Count D is quite charming and Leon is bland. There isn't much to say about the characters because there are only 4 episodes. But it's not a very strong aspect of this show.
The characters aren't well-developed, but this anime is only 4 episodes so that's logical. Count D is an decent character and everyone else is just very bland, but the characters aren't really bad, just boring.

~enjoyment~ 7/10
It was so promising and so intriguing, if there were more episodes and a better theme exploration this anime could have been great. Now, it's an interesting anime with a lot of flaws, bland characters and questions. But it's very enjoyable to watch and especially the third episode made me feel genuinely sad. I believe that this anime could be really good if it had more episodes, sadly enough it only has 4 episodes and it's just an advertisement for the manga.
It could have been so much more, damn you Madhouse. The music was a serious problem and the animation was weak. Also it was way too short, why was it only 4 episodes long?! But this anime is still pretty interesting and because of the fact that it only has 4 episodes, I still advice everyone to watch it, but only if you're really bored or when you have nothing better to do.