Apr 2, 2016
audioaddict13 (All reviews)
This Digimon series is for mature fans of the original Digimon Adventures. Rather than showcase digimon transformations each episode, this series focuses on the real-world characters of the original DigiDestined. While Part 1: Saikai focused on Tai and Yamato, Part 2: Ketsui turns its attention to Mimi and Jo, with realistic and satisfying character development. The story leaves many questions unanswered, but provides entertaining human interactions and digimon fights, The villainous Digimon Emperor Ken Ichijouji makes a mysterious appearance, partially filling in the gap between Digimon Adventure 1 and 2. Fans should prepare for slice-of-life comedy, tempered with deeper and darker character development, high quality action animation, and two long-awaited digivolutions.