Dec 19, 2009
LastLight (All reviews)
I must say that after the first 3 or 4 episodes I was really going for an 8 (Very Good) , but slowly I dropped at 4-5.This "romance/comedy" anime was one of those dissapointing shows where the producers failed miserably to develop new and unique ideas that could attract watchers.

Story: 3 - Poor
Yes it's the same old storyline with a boy , that is surrounded by girls and has an unexpected experience that changes the way he interacts with others.Nyan Koi has by far 1 or 2 romantic moments and the "comedy" moments can only make you laugh about how bad these scenes were made.

The relations between the characters is simple , as Junpei doesn't get to approach them very much (few exceptions).And when you think finally something interesting happens the moment gets ruined by another character (including the cats).In some cases this could be considered funny (depending on what's happening) but after countless times it gets boring and it's not even "funny" , so we can't even think about enjoying this.

Art: 6 - Fair
When I watch an anime I don't really care about art but indeed there are a few points that need some attention.

Well, the characters were pretty easy to remark since they where indeed made to look different from each other , but nothing that can catch your eye was in. The design of the cats was better (um..yes better) then the characters' one: a twist of colours for each cat making it easy to remark even in a croud of cats and again, everything was defined in a boring way that doesn't attracts your eye.

Sound: 3 - Poor
The opening/ending songs are pretty lame and practically sends to the watcher "waves" of confusion (I mainly talk about the lyrics of the opening song) since it's not even a true love triangle (if you watched animes where there is a good accent on love triangle you know what I mean) and the curse is not an opportunity or even help to Junpei for almost all episodes.

Character: 5 - Mediocre
The characters of this series are totally predictable after watching them in action for like 5 minutes.Junpei is your nice doggy when he's around Kaede that is happy but still doesn't know how to express this (well he's a human in this anime so being incapable to discuss with the person you like it's not comic or romantic).
Kaede is your innocent anime girl, with a childish look that could make almost all boys fall for her (in the anime of course).Of course , this innocence is taken to an extreme in situations like: talking about love, discussing with the boy she likes, understanding the meaning of things related to love, etc.She's the type of girl that would say in the middle of a Nyan Koi episode:"Junpei, will you let me wait for you in season 2 , too?".
"Kana-chan" is the final person completing the so-called love triangle that realize that she loves Junpei , can't confess , but she manifests in different ways.I would say that she is the most normal person from the love triangle when taking things serious and her "cons" are excessivly "attacking" Junpei and of course incapacity to make him understand what she feels. (but I guess that goes for this kind of anime , excepting one thing: see Nyan Koi , genres, ROMANCE).
In this case, Junpei it's the brainless one too because he tries figuring out something at some point ..but of course fails.
Kotone and Akari are just 2 more characters added to fill the story and make it more boring.Of course they chain some events to them so we can't say they can miss from the anime.
After watching the whole anime I really think the best character was Nyamsus (seriously).

Overall: 3 - Poor
I can't say I enjoyed this anime.For normal people that aren't addicted to this genre and just look an anime I frankly tell you to search another one because this isn't worth wasting your time.For people addicted to comedy/rom/harem I tell you the same thing a bit more detailed.This isn't your com/rom/har anime , it's just a pathetic fail that tries to impress the watchers with lame and hilarious

In conclusion I truly regret watching this and I don't recommand it to you!