Dec 18, 2009
phoenixflair (All reviews)
uhh... really old cg and a mundane old story. "we need to find the doctor! but she doesn't want to be found... then everyone dies! the end..." type of story line.

only plus is that the sound and visuals aren't all that bad for the time! i MEAN for the time! comparing this to Advent Children is a nono!

so uhh... i'm not all for gore and scary stuff, but if it is, i'd say watch it if you're bored. no really all that entertaining. it's pretty iffy. they probably did it for publicity to say, "look! we got a cg movie! 20 minutes, but what the hay! it's cg!"

degeneration came a LONGGG ways from this. but, i'd say Advent Children still sets the bar pretty high.