Dec 18, 2009
shadylookin (All reviews)
Nyan Koi isn't an awful show, however it isn't good either and it certainly doesn't deserve rating it has currently which is almost "Very Good". Perhaps it just a form of Stockholm syndrome that some people can't objectively rate something when they've invested so much time to watching it. Or maybe I'm just a jerk who rates things lower than most people.

Story wise there really isn't much. A harem anime with cats as the gimmick(Somewhere along the line they add demon fighting for an episode.). The show claims to be a romantic comedy but it isn't really romantic or funny. The climax isn't very interesting and the ending leaves little accomplished in terms of Kousaka's relationships with the girls, and the actual plot of being cursed.

The art and sound didn't stand out to me as being either good or bad.

The characters were bland and I really couldn't have cared less about any of them. Worse they never develop at all throughout the entire series.

Overall it's not the worse show out there, but I definitely would advise against putting it on your plan-to-watch list unless you really have nothing better to do.