Apr 1, 2016
MadLane (All reviews)
Ghost in the Shell is a very special work for me so i decided to do a review of it.

Detailed, cyberpunk world.
Moments of cerebral peace and introspection.
Cool tech.
Making of a Cyborg sequence.
Great Soundtrack.
Intelligent and interesting Characters.

Too short.
Story and Characters needs more development.

Art – 10/10

Ghost in the Shell’s grimy, rainy, futuristic, cyberpunk world is brought to life with detailed art and great animation by Hiroyuki Okiura and outstanding backgrounds by Masatoshi Kai. The ‘Making of a Cyborg’ is one of my favorite sequences in anime.

Sound – 10/10

The music is unusual, psychedelic, Gregorian chants, and I love it. The fit with the setting and humanity themes is perfect and without a doubt the best work Kenji Kawai has ever done.

Story – 9/10

Cybernetic police investigate a ‘ghost-hack,’ which allows control of people’s brains. An introspective film set in a grimy world of tech and blurred lines between human and machine. Needed to be longer and have more character and story development, since it can be hard for people to connect or understand it in the first watch.

Overall Quality and Enjoyment – 10/10

Ghost in the Shell showed me it was something special within minutes of starting the movie, my only serious complaint with Ghost in the Shell is the short length. So much of the world and the story that had room for more exploration. This movie might have been the one who show me anime is more than just superpowers and fights.