Apr 1, 2016
Markezzo (All reviews)
EDIT: This was a review written for April Fools. I wish to thank everyone for brightening my day with all the positive feedback and reactions, it really shows that Gintama has taught us to enjoy a good laugh. The review will stay as is, since my opinions can still be found in it, just written in a backwards kinda way.


Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the most overhyped anime of all time! Watch as our main protagonist uses his wooden sword of sentimentality, cutting into the bleeding hearts of all you emotional thinkers, corrupting your rotten brains with the stench of intellectual destitution!

In this particular season of Gintama, the author’s masterplan finally takes shape. Every episode of comedy filler, every laugh, and every smile it has pulled from your innocent lips, it was all a ploy to steal your souls. He can now freely attach your emotions to these characters of absurd fiction. With emotional manipulation the anime makes you care for a bunch of clowns, and then takes a darker turn as you become complacent.

With superior animation it uses thrilling action-scenes and atmospheric direction, blinding you with pretty colors. The show’s visuals are fast-food for the soul, delicious upon tasting it, but ultimately detrimental to your IQ, making you more creative and in touch with your emotions rather than with your cold and logical side.

Allow me to wreak havoc on your lowly opinions, by pointing out Gintama’s greatest flaw of all, the horrendous writing and characters. The show has a tendency to make characters relatable and fascinating, only to retcon events so that you can retain those emotional connections, while the story just goes wherever it wants. It is one thing to play with expectations, but another to betray them by doing plot-twists that don’t live up to my personal golden standard. Some characters will receive tragic backstories, only for it to be revealed that none of it mattered, because some current event undid it all or it was all a lie to begin with. Worst of all, on several occasions we see death-flags get raised, only to be ignored in the name of dramatic convenience, just so the few who DO die have more impactful farewells.

I would call the author spineless, but that’d be an insult to invertebrates. I would ask you all to make a drinking-game out of every time you notice plot-armor at play, or a character making an inspirational speech. When you all die of alcohol-poisoning I'll be left in a more agreeable world, one where only I rule over the anime-hegemony.

To summarize, Gintama has reached a level of worship among anime-fans like no other. To think that the social nature of humanity would override their ability to think logically, it makes me want to give up on everything.

Oh and happy April Fools. This show is awesome.