Mar 31, 2016
Duffana (All reviews)
Decided to add one extra fairly positive review here after seeing that most of them are pretty negative overall, couse why not?

Anyway bear with me. This isn't gonna be super detailed (or so i thought before writing this), couse this is only my second review EVER and i kinda suck at doing them because of that but wanted to try again for the hell of it. Bear in mind that i have seen both sousei and evol too so this isn't my first aquarion show.


- Soundtrack, i mean it's just too awesome and really gets you pumped up, especially in the fight scenes. Definitely the best part about the show and i know some people are gonna disagree but that's what opinions are for right? I did like the soundtracks in the other two but this takes the cake, at least background music wise. I did like the openings and endings of sousei and evol more though and it was nice hearing those iconic songs again at the very last episode of Logos.

- Form variation. From memory, the other 2 shows didn't really have too many forms the aquarion would change into, only like 3 - 5 or something along the lines, maybe not even that much, at least not in sousei. This time around most of the gattai's we're between only 2 people instead of the usual 3 except a few occasions so that automatically gives us more options for what the aquarion can change into and trust me, there we're a lot.


- Akira Kaibuki and his constant savior talks just blehh. He barely changed as a character until the very end where he kinda got rid of his savior obsession.
There is plot reasoning for that savior obsession of his though but that doesn't really save him from being unlikable. The least interesting character in the whole show, not saying the others we're anything superb but i at least enjoyed they're characters unlike this poster boy of ours.

- Some plotholes and other tidbits. Some things didn't get fleshed out enough or just happened without any really good reasoning. An example i will use is Akira's grandparents. They just appeared out of nowhere near the end without any explanations. And this was the first time we even saw them (Not 100 % sure on this because i watched the first 7 episodes back when the show still aired and only recently continued from there till the end so don't remember if they made a brief appearance before or not but still pretty irrelevant characters). Honestly the only reason they we're included was to give Akira that needed confidence boost. There we're other plotholes here and there but this one seemed the most pointless to me anyway.


My least favourite Aquarion but nonetheless i enjoyed it for what it was and that's what matters the most. It had the usual Aquarion feel to it, minus not having a Fudou character in it but like i care, i mean the guy was awesome and all but it's not game breaking for me even if he's not included.

Hope this was helpful to some of you out there.

P.S. This review looks heaps better than my previous and first try for Major. Guess that stuff comes with age.