Mar 30, 2016
Nalexie_ (All reviews)
So this is going to be a review for the first and second season. I won't spoil anything.

Super good. I can't say that it's unique, but it's good. I love the fact that it's actually realistic. I can see something like this happening in real life. I REALLY love how they didn't make them win every match. That's what made it even more real. I don't really have much to say about the story. The concept is very good. It's not very slow and it's not too fast.

I actually really like the animation. I think it's super good. I like the facial expressions that all of the characters made. They were funny.

Sub voices were good. The opening and endings were good as well. Not much to say about the sound.

Where to start with the characters. Let's start with the two main characters. They work very well together. Their personalities mesh together nicely. I know some people found Hinata (main character) kind of annoying, but I don't think so. He acted well for his age. His motivation made the anime even better. Personally, I think the characters is what makes Haikyuu so good. You can't help but love everyone. The humor is not over the top. It's just right. I found myself laughing so much.

It's such a lighthearted anime. If you're looking to watch something that will make you laugh as well as cheer with joy. Watch Haikyuu.