Mar 30, 2016
Yuni (All reviews)
If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

Musaigen no Phantom World is what I like to call the King of Stereotypical! What do I mean by that? Well, let us begin the lecture! Take notes, young lads!

High school setting?
Light novel adaptation?
Main character is a male, and the only male?
Main character is also pretty darn useless?
Harem of girls with different tropes?
One has big boobies?
One is flat?
One is a loli?
The girls are only known for said one note features?
Accidental fan service?
Nothing actually happens?

See what I mean? This show is full of cliches! In fact, it's a bit too cliche. But the thing is, it isn't a bad show! One thing for sure is that it can get very entertaining! The animation and art is incredibly high quality, the soundtrack is also good, and the waifus are adorable! Sure, it's got no substance in terms of plot and whatnot, but really, waifus are the only reason you need to watch this show.

- Beautiful art and animation! A really great show to look at!
- OP is catchy and the soundtrack is good too! A great show to listen to!
- You get a waifu, he gets a waifu, she gets a waifu, everybody gets a waifu!
- Characters, albeit not developed or original in any sense, are still very likable!
- Entertaining action and jokes!
- Fanservice ;)

- What is a story?
- What is character development?
- Generic as balls!
- Pretty boring MC.
- Fanservice ;-;

Story: 3
Hmmm, is this even a story? Musaigen no Phantom World's story is all over the place, and by that, I mean it's absolutely nowhere. It's basically episodic, with each episode dealing with a different phantom or situation that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the other situations the characters faced. Any explanations throughout the story are undetailed or forced, the stakes aren't high at all, characters come and go on a whim, and yeah, it's basically just a really messy story. But some episodes do redeem this story from being a one, as some of them are actually pretty touching or funny! Either way, don't watch this show expecting a Shinsekai Yori tier story. Nah, don't do that.

Art: 9
Take my money, Kyoto Animation, take my damn money, for Musaigen no Phantom World has some really high quality art and animation! In fact, the only reason it isn't a 10 is because it gets lazy sometimes. The action scenes are like borderline ufotable, and the character designs are so damn colorful and crisp to the maximum! Sometimes I feel like I'm watching Pokemon but with Fate/Stay Night UBW budget.

Sound: 7
That OP though, so damn catchy! The soundtrack is also good, although nothing to write home about. In reality, it's the seiyuus that shine in this series, for they definitely capture the "characteristics" (cause really, how characteristic can these waifus be?) of their characters! All in all, the sound is great, nothing special, but still up there.

Character: 6
WAIFUS!!!! So, besides the generic and boring MC, you got a nice selection of girls to add to your waifu collection. Sure, the waifus are generic as well, but they still have a lot of character and are really likable if thou art a casual. You got the hot tempered and big boobied Mai, who can beat anyone at limbo. You got the shy, flat, but incredibly moe Reina, who is one of those filthy bastards who can eat 5000 caloriesa day and gain 0 pounds. (Screw those guys). You have the underaged loli Kurumi, who is just pure moe (and a good reason to go to jail). You got Koito, the cold and serious one who, you guessed it, opens up to the MC for some reason. And of course, you got the little fairy Ruru, who is just there for comedic relief and midget fan service! Pretty unoriginal? Yes. Still likable? I guess?

Enjoyment: 7
Musaigen is one of those ups and downs anime. Due to its episodic nature, some episodes will be better than others! While there were some that were kinda boring and a chore to sit through, there were some that were genuinely entertaining or even feels heavy! Those good episodes overshadowed the bad ones for me, but not everyone is gonna agree on that one.

Overall: 5
Generic, unoriginal, shit story, but not a bad show overall! It's another one of those entertainment > quality kind of shows, and I'm not a hater of those! Go you, Musaigen!

TL;DR: I ain't afraid of no Phantoms.