Mar 30, 2016
LeaderTGW (All reviews)
There are many things I found interesting and not so interesting about Musaigen no Phantom World. Perhaps one of the most notable things about the damn show is that it's entire story, characters, and other plot related things are overused. During my time watching this show, it felt like I have literally seen this type of show with the same concepts, plot and similar characters way too many times.. It was too typical, better yet generic. Now, don't get me wrong the show itself is pretty decent, good amount of fan service, watchable and has its moments of where it stands out sometimes, however I just didn't think the original creator and KyoAni used their full potential while making the anime adaption.

Now I won't go rambling on too much about how much I was dissatisfied with it. Because as mention earlier I said it was interesting, here is why. While the show may lack creativity the characters and entertainment that occurs during the show is actually at time completely enjoyable. a few of the things I liked most about it was that the episodes were sort of refreshing in a way. The show doesn't spend too much time focusing on many different and unnecessarily convoluted problems for like 2-3 episodes. Just about Every episode you can expect a new phantom to appear, new problems to develop plus you, well I got to enjoy seeing so much craziness occur.

Now, back to characters again, I didn't really care for our main characters. As far as character personalities, appearance, and design the character sort of felt like, or came off as if they being forced to be cute. The guy, our plain, vanilla MC was so generic that I really cannot add any sort of personal opinion on him. I kid you not, and I am so glad many other users have noticed too, but there is a character like him every other anime season. "plain" "generic" "Special power only the MC" and same personality that is shared many other Main characters in shows like this.

Aside from them being boring I noticed that a lot of the characters special abilities were kind of ripped off from the series Date-A-Live. I only noticed this after watching the latest D.A.L. movie. both girls use their voices to attack and repel enemy attacks and Loli's both have an attachment to their animals, although one is a teddy bear and Yoshino's is a puppet.

Now with that said, I cannot delve too much into characters being ripped off of each other. That is because original characters died around the late 90's or at the very latest early 2000s' If I had to guess I would personally say around 2002-2006 was the era in which OC characters died. In a way I do believe it makes since though because after time, the only logical thing to do is take old characters and try to mold them into your own characters. For example many artist and creators, like to take characters from other shows and add their own personal experiences to those characters and things usually take off from there.

Moving on from characters and stuff, which agitated me for some odd reason, the animation was pretty damn fine. Characters were very well animated from their original designs. Lots of the fighting scenes were great, however not too special. There were some exciting moments and some less, overall I'd have to say a fair amount.

In the end I ended up giving the show a 6/10 because there is lots of potential, or unused potential in this show. Overall I felt like it was Musaigen no Phantom World was simple. Nothing too extraordinary or extravagant enough worth mentioning. I personally believe that it will be a title that will soon be forgotten. Lastly, yes, I do have to agree that it is not the best thing to come out of Kyoto animations... Animation was great, music was okay however the overall presentation was mediocre.. or "Fine" at best.