Dec 18, 2009
Yxel (All reviews)
And thus ends of the best and most underrated comedies of 2009. Nyan Koi is a complete work of art.


- Humor. This comedy doesn't fail to deliver on its most important aspect. Whether it's the sudden change from Mizuno's dramatic yakuza ringtone to a completely serene scene or a shot of Junpei and the twins licking popsicles, Nyan Koi never disappoints. The humor in this show is both crude and refined, direct and indirect. Nyan Koi is funny, and isn't afraid to show it.

- Junpei. He is a great male lead - one of the greatest I've ever seen. At first glance, he looks average... almost... too average. But he is the ultimate in tsukkomi, a straight man rivaling Kyon of Haruhi and Shinpachi of Gintama. His well timed expressions can often make the worst humor (worst of the best, that is.) seem unbearably funny.

- Humor. Just let me say some more about this. Basically, Nyan Koi slams you with so much unexplainable and original material that you can't predict what's going to come next. Just when I thought the show couldn't get any more ridiculous, it did. And it worked. Nyan Koi is one of the few shows that can make me laugh or say "wtf?" at almost any given screenshot. There's just that much humor and randomness packed into each and every episode.

- Episodic + Continuous plot. It's always tough for an episodic series (one that has a separate story for every episode/every few episodes) to tie the entire show together. Often times, series fail and end up confusing their viewers and/or displaying a shabby overall plot. Nyan Koi is the rare show that can weave together both episodic aspects and continuous aspects into the same plot with ease. With the cat/curse objective as the episodic side and the romantic comedy as the continuous side, this show manages to present a complete picture, yet still allowing for entertaining small arcs at the same time.

- Other characters. All of the characters in this show are great. Some are shallow, some have enormous depth, but all of them make me laugh. From Kaede's almost-too-cliched airheadedness to the twins' tsundere and masochistic personalities to Junpei's gossiping mother and sister and nonexistent father, there wasn't one point in the show that I didn't like a character. Sure, Kana looked disturbing at first, but her roles as master and childhood friend gave me so many laughs that it didn't matter after a few minutes.


- Nekomimi. There are none. What the hell.

- Misleading premise. There are no catgirls.

- The ending. It was too abrupt. Though I generally don't like deus ex machina/"miraculous" endings anyway, so this might just be a result of my bias.

I can't say it enough - this show was fantastic. I didn't receive the stereotypical ecchi romantic comedy with catgirls that I thought I'd get, and instead stumbled upon a true diamond in the rough, a show so ridiculously funny that I was left stunned after every episode. In a year filled with so many sequels and remakes, this is one new face that truly deserves another season.