Mar 29, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Sorry if I used wrong words or some grammar errors, that's because English isn't my primary language.

Ok, here is the review :

When I see this for the first time, I was thinking about Asterisk and Failed Knight because they have a similar intro, but I don't really mind it. But after completed this anime, I was very disappointed. Many things came up and make this anime more worse, fot example the last battle was good actually, but some things came and almost make me stopped watching fot a while, but I finally managed to watch it until end.

For the story, it's bad. It's really bad. I can't tell how bad it was by word. Our mc, have a divine drag ride and supposed to be a strong character, in the last battle I think he would use all of his power, but no. His power were useless, well not completely useless but it's useless. That's same with other characters, nobody used their power to the max, that's make me it worse. Beside, the story is pretty hard to understand but I don't really paying attention into it.

Intro and ending were good, the songs were nice, it also easy to remember. The voice act is awesome, I like it. The sound effect is great, No complaint from me, but overall I don't really like it because some background songs weren't fit with the show. But that's okay, I don't mind it.

Overall it's an average show for me, because it have bad side and good side. I recommend this to you if you here only for the harem genre (it's not contain alot of ecchi). But if you looking for a good battle or something other than harem, you wouldn't be like this. The ending is a cliffhanger (this is an announcement, I won't tell you why did I wrote it) and I think it would be good if this has a second season.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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