Mar 28, 2016
plisetskytrash (All reviews)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is an original series not based on any other work like manga, novel or a game. It's quite a rare to see original anime these days and most of them are poorly made. But this one may surprise you.

An easy-to-follow story with flow and focus, exciting space combats, strong both male and female characters, some well-placed plot twists and a little bit of romance and comedy just to spice things up. But above all this story present the human side of characters while not neglecting the plot. We can see strong friendships, trust, how they all deal with tragic deaths of their families, friends and comrades, how they try to find their place in this messed up world and not losing hope. Not very original but interesting to watch. Animation is also very smooth and nice.

Downside is that the story was rushed. Especially in the last few episodes. There was that “last battle” where they all went on a shooting rampage and all was over just in one episode. I felt like the main message was lost. Not to mention some of the so called good guys turned bad all off a sudden, like McGillis. Also one of the main characters Orga went downhill from a strong confident leader to someone who doesn’t think rationally and makes rush decisions. The political background of the story was a little bit confusing too and hard to follow. And some of the dialogues were just meaningless and boring.

To sum up, this anime has big potential and the story is not about typical battle of good vs. evil. More like a fight to make things better. If you ignore some minor flaws in concept of characters, parts of the plot which are not clearly explained and rushed ending it’s really fun to watch. So give it a try.