Mar 27, 2016
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I'm going to keep this short, and by short, I mean ultra short:

This manga is, in my (most probably biased) opinion, probably the best manga I've read. I liked it so much that it's the first manga/anime that I actually bothered to even write a review for. Being as vague/as "non-spoily" as possible, the comedy, window into daily life, cuteness, and "feels-y-ness" all combine together to form a masterful piece of art.

Extra info:

One of the reasons I liked it so much probably has to do with the whole perspective/relatability of the title. Amane Yuuya is 20 years old, and personally, I'm not that much younger than him. I can relate to him, and I can understand what it's like to have pets and/or raise children, to an extent. Also, the emotions manipulated were mostly balanced, though they did tip over to the enjoyment side more (almost gave story a 9 because of that). The story has certain parts which can make you all sad and bittersweet, but they get balanced out with the excessive heartwarming moments. Overall I think this manga is definitely worth a read, especially to pet owners since the mangaka styled Sasame/Kana/Kei after observing real-life animals' behaviors, to an extent.