Mar 27, 2016
YizelTro (All reviews)
Heavy Object. Almost looked like an Apocalypse show to me, but not really. The concept of the action is "Object". Now, what is Object. Object is an Amazing weapon which people use in War. So let me fix it again, The concept of the action is War, Strategy and Object. Why is Object considered as Amazing Weapon even Nuclear bomb can't even destroyed it ? Object looks like a Ball. A big ball with a high quality of Steel as it's Skin. and it's not only 1 layer of steel. 10 or more layers if i'm not wrong. Because of Object, Now people made a different way to War. Basically it's just an Object VS Object without any flesh soldier on the field, and if one of the Object can't move anymore, That will be the end of the War. Pretty Simple, but that's what people imagine it would be. In reality, or more like in this anime, Things went different after Object appeared in the middle of the War. War is still the same as usual but with Object right now. People will keep killing each other. Conflict between Country never stop. Fighting for money. for desire. The war still the same as the usual, and this where Qwenthur and Havia came in.

Like i said up there about the story, in my opinion, it was a really complicated story especially when it comes into an Object. they really went deep into the Obejct that sometimes i can't even understand what the MC is talking about. well i guess it's obvious because it's Sci-fi Anime. Overall from the story, it was great despite having a complicated story. Not! all the story are complicated. it's just when it comes into an Object, i got confused. I like the way they executed the arcs. i don't read the LN but i like it. There were no plot BIG! plot twist but overall i like it.

The animation...they used 3D/CGI for the action. i think they used CGI so that it looks real. for me, it looks great. the action looks great in my opinion. Fit perfectly to how the action goes. 3D/CGI really match perfectly with the action in my opinion. And sometimes it's not all abou Object, fighting each other like a monster. there were some soldier figthing each other (including Qwenthur and Havia) and i like it. Not only that! the MC always bring a humorous content while in the action. There were some comedy too while there were not in the action (Fanservice XD) but i like the way they put a comedy in the action XD It was a really fun ride with the two bastard MC XD.

The character, like i said, the MC's are so funny. Really good choice of personality to put in the battlefield, the action always filled with a comey. i like that.

The soundtrack was great in my opinion. Made a really fit atmosphere to this anime. That for the OP and ED song. for the actual soundtrack, it was good i guess. i don't have any problem with it

Overall, it was a really fun ride to me. i wish there is a second season tho...
i really enjoy it. Thanks whoever make this show....( J.C.Staff and SANZIGEN) for making this show 9/10

I recommend it if you like Military and Sci-fi and...Mecha. and it's really unique too with having that kind of character for the Main character. never seen this kind of show before tbh
i'm gonna miss this show

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