Mar 27, 2016
Brb (All reviews)
Disclaimer: Swearwords will be included in this review. Approach with caution. Spoilers might be included. Professional approach on the subject not included.

Oh God, I don't even know where to start this messy clusterfuck of a show.

Long long ago while this show was still airing I've decided to watch it and dropped it several episodes hence. Several years afterwards when I finally got around to checking which animes I have watched, I saw this and thought "hey this seems good, why haven't I seen this before" which brings me here.

Oh God, where to start. For starters, there are the general actions of the bloody characters. The characters appear to walking three years old with the body of teenagers. They accept commands simply because and their idea of common sense are basically not there. Things like "I am doing sexual petting to cure MC's gynophobia"(which by the way, his ailment is not. A phobia is an irrational fear and our mc does not suffer fear from women, irrational or not) is straightforward stupid. It is bad enough when the butler does this because she is ordered to but when everyone else does is not reasonable in any way, ailments be damned. That stuff is something you do with a boyfriend, husband, whatever, not someone you just met some days ago and shit!

Then there's the harem situation. For most harem titles the heroines will flock to the mc because of coincidence, fate stuff because here. But in here the heroines get to fall for the mc because of the dumbest reasons. The first one, being the butler falls under the category of the basic harem coincidence and goes onward from there but the others include:
"I will use mc to make someone I like jealous yet I don't know that the person I like is actually a girl and somehow I fell in love with the mc in this scenario".
While the other is "I will pair the mc with someone else 'cause they totally look good together but I want to tease mr mc as well because reasons. But wait! Somehow I've managed to fall in love with him as well and now I'm stuck with having to mediate for this two people while here I am, in love with the other person because of my own machinations, oops".
Now doesn't that sound stupid. Well yes it is.

Then there's the scenarios that they get into. Why the hell would you think that the best cure for someone with fear of knives is do a pretend kidnapping? Oh, and lets throw in a knife wielding kidnapper in that scenario as well. On what universe does that seem to be the best answer to curing someone? Then there's the forgetting my only sibling's birthday and the I made my butler lose her job because I don't look where I walk yet I somehow magically swerved to go down the stairs. Well this is a comedy but come on, at least give your characters a brain at least.

The only good thing about this series is the art, which I will admit is pretty good, and the fanservice, if you look at shows just for them. I mean they made basically hentai screenshots in a non-hentai anime, so there's that.

Honestly this whole show is just plain fanservice pandering and stupid scenarios. It was a really painful drag to finish this show and I'm wondering how I finished it when I have dropped more interesting stuff.