Mar 27, 2016
Brb (All reviews)
Ghost Hunt is the closest anime has gone to truly being in the supernatural genre. Horror and the supernatural generally does not translate well in animated digital form simply because we already know from the start that is not real. There is simply a lack of mystery and eeriness that live action can easily produce hence the reason why anime of these kind rather goes to the mystery, thriller or romance path. It was a bold move on the part of the anime but the execution is only half decent.

The show is pretty good in executing how supernatural events occur and I applaud it for that, its biggest weakness (that being that this is an animated show) is turned into one of its strengths as it can be technical without losing out its appeal which is hard to do with this genre. In most supernatural titles the phenomenon could not be explained without the show losing some of its mystery element yet this show incorporating them only adds up to the supernatural appeal

Yet on the other hand this show from the start shows half skepticism towards the supernatural from the start. All the professionals aside from our main character Shibuya seems to be inept or impotent when faced with the supernatural and it is up to our supercompetent mc to fix things up.
The show goes technical into these phenomenon yet poorly handles how they are resolves and simply goes to the "the mc can solve it because" path. There are real world reasons (albeit whether the phenomenon themselves are true or not is up to the viewer) why certain things and actions, such as salt, garlic, certain words, holy water, kagura dances, etc. are used in performing spirit appeasement and exorcism yet by all means it appears to the viewer that all their work is extremely useless and the practitioners appear to be useless one trick ponies. It loses its touch with the supernatural when it approaches its resolution because using the "genius mc solves everything" one of the worst trope used in any form of entertainment.

As for the characters themselves, they are not very memorable which is neither a good or a bad thing for an unconventional anime like this where the theme is the main draw. Their interactions are hardly worth of praise so I'll leave it at that.

Overall this could have been a very great anime yet it half fails on the execution leaving it easily forgettable. If you want a new approach on the supernatural genre this is a good go but its half chewed approach on each case's' resolution means that you have to take it with a grain of salt.