Mar 26, 2016
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
During this period, the anime industry suffers "Material lacks". Ideas are getting narrower but productions are getting wider. Many companies suffer to bankruptcy, and to anticipate this they must broaden the marketing ground. In order to broaden it, they throw many adaptations to stabilized the situation. Because of it, there is dozens adaptation appear in various sources. One of those sources is game. But the truth is until this period, not many game adaptation live up to its expectation.

Divine Gate, is a smartphone game developed by Acquire. While the animation is in the hand of Studio Pierrot. As the series went, there are some flaws that can be spotted.

As the story goes, they do throw out dozens of information to construct the world building. Unfortunately, it failed. There are too many things unexplained things and the story doesn't start explaining things but keep throwing information dump, hoping the viewer felt a mystery thingy. And if it's too late to explain those things, this can cause a backfire to the plot and can wreck any of the plot elements, make the story felt pointless. All of the elements could be floating in the water without any clear directions. The anime have a hard time to compel dark themes to the story, the truth is the story was failed to bring that feeling. It has terrible exposition and dull storytelling.

Next one is flashbacks. The anime didn't use the flashbacks effectively and producing a slow pacing to the storyline.

Animation quite decent, characters have different colorful designs. While there are some scenes using CG, but the fighting scenes still tolerable. The World seems to be set with advanced technology, with robots, gadgets and other futuristic elements occur.

Background music seems to be mediocre. Seiyuu do their job fairly. There aren't anything that can outshine this anime except the OP theme. It's quite catchy itself.

Divine Gate wanted to be more focused in characterizations than story, they trying to develop the main characters at the early episodes, but it's failed in the execution, the anime more like want to explain how it's their past, not more or less. It tries to blend dark past to the character but failed to relate those past with the story.

After episode 7, I'm totally disappointed by this anime. Divine Gate has a huge number of supporting casts. The bad thing is those characters are not getting any single development. They're purely just a plot device to help the fight more dramatical, which make it more pointless.

Divine Gate is a great example of a pathetic attempt to draws many viewers as quickly as possible. It has been coated into 12 episodes of disaster with forced conclusion in the end. This anime really makes you don't want to watch anime again, so it is obviously not recommended.

So what is Divine Gate? Even Einstein can't answer this.....

Overall 2/10