Mar 26, 2016
FlunentDirty (All reviews)
I have been a fan of the Kindaichi Series for over four years. The stories are fun, exciting and easy to follow. I am an avid watcher of crime related shows and movies, so when the main character Kindaichi reveals how the criminal committed the crime, I am surprised when my conclusion is different. I love the "manzai" comedy act between Miyuki and Kindaichi. Miyuki is of course Kindaichi's partner, love interest, and best friend. I would like to see a progression between the two and so would Miyuki. If you are looking for a new anime to watch and want to start with this series, please start with the first released Kindaichi series. There are characters and plots that run throughout the series and you will not understand some episodes without prior knowledge. I hope you come to enjoy the Kindaichi Series as much as I have and I look forward to a new "File" of cases to come.