Mar 26, 2016
AllenHavens92 (All reviews)
Divine Gate is, by any means, not "divine" at all.

The story is your run-of-the-mill "let's obtain the MacGuffin" (that being the Gate) plot line, which really has no impact all the way through the end. The first half is establishing the back stories of the main characters that has no payoff. There was hardly any "search" for the Gate in the first place. The ending was just a jumbled mess with an anti-climax that I didn't bother caring about anyway. Plus, there is a literal "deus ex machina" in the finale (if you've seen it, you'll understand).

With characters, the only thing I liked about them were the concepts. They have names based on things like color, the gods, medieval, and even the Wizard of Oz. That's all I liked about them. As actual characters, they're bland. For the ones that get the back story treatment, like I mentioned before, have these payoffs that are mediocre and are put to the side like it was nothing. Speaking of, there are there set of characters that were given no purpose whatsoever. They're supposed to be "important", but in reality are completely useless.

The animation is probably the only thing that's eligible for praise. I liked the character designs and the color schemes used for each. There is also a strange but interesting blend of 2D and CG in this. While, for the most part, the characters are 2D, scenes where they fight are done with CG models, and it's not distracting at all. Also, the background is done in this CG that looks like an old computer game, and I liked that contrast between that and the characters.

Still, with uninteresting characters, a story that is rushed about halfway through, and overused themes that come off as pretentious, Divine Gate is like the big finale of firework that turn out to be a weak little "pop" (that's the only kind of metaphor I can come up with).