Mar 26, 2016
FarrelSal (All reviews)
Boku dake ga inai machi or "Erased" for short is probably the most overhyped show of the season, heck it got into Top 10 anime chart on this website. So, what makes this show so popular? Why did the show got so much attention?

Well the show opens up with a rather thrilling & interesting premise where the protagonist is capable of going back in time to save someone from being murdered or accidents in general. On the first episode we saw that the MC went back in time to save a little kid from getting hit by a truck, unfortunately this whole "Revival" power that Satoru had is just a plot convenience. There is no real explanation of this power nor the story implies it, its just there because the story calls for it.

Although this anime had a "Mystery" tag on it this is not a mystery anime, though, it's a suspense thriller. The intent of making the killer's identity really obvious from the start isn't to make the viewer feel smart, it's to create dramatic irony in order to ratchet up the tension whenever Satoru or another character is alone with him. The mystery is a narrative device that serves as motivation for the protagonist - not the genre of the show.

I thought at first this anime was a mystery anime too, but not until the show breaks a cardinal rule of mystery writing on page 1 by invoking the supernatural, and it breaks more important rules at every step by having satoru just look up the answer to riddles in reference books from the library. Satoru doesn't deduce who the villain is from a list of suspects - the bad guy straight up tells him.

Moving on to the characters, they didn't act according to their age at all, heck, Satoru even got psychoanalyzed by an elementary schooler that is 11 younger than him. Though the character that what i want to talk about the most is Hinazuki, she is the most important character on this show, (Even though the cause of the revival is satoru's mom but whatever).

The first half of the show is satoru trying to prevent hinazuki from getting murdered, the show treats her like she's some kind of a mere plot device, lucklily character development is present, yet it is lackluster. She's getting abused by her own mother for no reason, well there is a reason but it felt like it was forced. The interaction between satoru and his friends seems rather unnatural: however, that is to advanced the plot to a certain extent, the show purpose is not to make a decent slice of life moments to beginwith.

For the animation, sound and screen direction, it was good. There are some shots that advanced the narrative, the shot where Satoru enters the classroom emphasizes that he feels like a total outsider stepping into his old life from two decades ago, and the cut as he goes to meet hinazuki empasizes how flustered he is by the sudden turn of events his friends have caused, these shots were perfectly well done.

Not to mention this show tend to beating the viewer over the head with the point. Like for example, they distinguished the past and the present by letterboxing the frame, make the colour red stands out if something bad is going to happen (Eg; red eyes).

Overall, Boku dake ga inai machi could be a better show if it was handled more properly, but instead of doing that this show fails at the fundamentals and tries to hide these issues by ignoring them completely, leaves us the viewer with tons of plotholes and failed in executing the basic elements of the show.