Mar 25, 2016
LegendAqua (All reviews)
LA at first was excited at this anime, being a light novel adaptation by Kazuma Kamachi (the creator of the To Aru Index franchise), however from the first impressions of this anime, it gave off a huge amount of exposition about the world of Objects and that was about it for about 3 episodes or so, it wasn't until it got to it's episodic arcs where it really got interesting.

The episodic arcs from episode 4 onwards changed as the arcs showed us not only world building of the world of Objects but through how the Objects are used by differing nations either wanting materials to straight up want a dog fight with the main cast's Object and with Qwenthur and Havia helping just that one step and heck even they (obviously) move the plot forward to ensuring Milinda wins the battle with their lives intact.

Qwenthur does have the entire "he knows how to beat them" schtick about him and yes he does, but even then he doesn't ALWAYS win and the anime knows that, however he has the typical "dense main protagonist" when it comes to romance -sigh- it's even here. As for Havia, well LA likes the character enough although he has "perverted best friend" status all over him. LA's favourite character is actually Frolaytia Capistrano because ''Shizuka Ito''.

If this anime had any flaws, it would be it's huge amount of exposition and less amount of the characters and more on world building, the characters by the most part are cogs for the plot and nothing more as the "world" they are in dictates what they need to do, twofold when it comes to Qwenthur and Havia as they are usually ordered by the higher ups to do whatever to further the plot.

The animation by JC Staff were decent enough for the character designs and backgrounding, although the background limits itself to "ocean", "desert", "artic" and "inside a mech", on speaking of which SANGIZEN handles the mech and by all means they did good when it concerns the Object battles, like even with it's 3D CGI on the mech's, it works. LA will say this about CGI, if they can be fluidly animated to the scene or fight instead of blatantly obvious that it is CGI, then LA can praise the CGI and guess what the Object's battle set pieces using the CGI were done well.

There are many plot twists concerning the plot especially about the Object to the inner conflicts of the multiple battles and as to WHY they are happening. The plot twists helps immensely to get immersed into this world and LA praise Heavy Object for that.

The ending is like another episodic arc but with the stakes risen to a volatile degree and by all means it felt big due to the amount of minor characters helping Qwenthur and Havia and helped immensely, due to how Heavy Object is formatted, there could be more to come from this anime series but nonetheless this final arc was a great watch.

Heavy Object looks at first a huge expositionary anime about it's world, but once it really gets started it really starts focusing on it's Object wars, the Object themselves and really how the main cast moves the world of Objects. The characters although typical and cliched, they are more golden cogs for the bigger view of the episodic plot arcs for a bigger world and war of Object.

LA will say to look at this anime up to it's 4th episode, if your curious about Heavy Object's world, then carry on, if not then pass on this one. It's an anime where it loves it's world with it's characters being the cogs moving the plot and sure the exposition comes out A LOT but if you can slog through that and get into the more focused episodic arcs, you WILL be satisfied with it with a bigger and better world building and A LOT more risks.