Jan 24, 2008
zeru02 (All reviews)
At first glance you'd think its your typical CSI-themed anime, however Detective Conan dishes out much more than that. If you're a fan of sherlock holmes, agatha christie or simply likes a challenging and entertaining series to watch, then you must not miss this. Each cases shows different clever, cunning, and even devilishly simple ways of committing a crime! The solutions are well-explained, and teaches readers the logic behind each reasoning. The cases are varied, ranging from simple to sometimes gruesome murders. The characters are pretty effective, and I'm sure people will like them more with each episodes they watch. There's plenty of comedy, as well as drama and suspense. What's more, the never-ending question of when Ran and Shinichi will admit their feelings is one of the key factors why you have to get glued to this series. Frankly, I'm happy that the series is this long, because whoever wants a good thing to end?