Mar 20, 2016
DarqSan (All reviews)
I don't write reviews often, (like once or twice). But I had to write one for this. Seriously though, there were people here giving it an overall rating of 3 or 4. So I felt that it was under-appreciated.

First of all, this review is based on the Web Novel.

Story: 8/10
The Story is certainly interesting, rarely strays from original objective, quite original. Also, a tip for all of you who plan to read it, read the intermissions and short stories in between chapters. They add A LOT to the story development. The story is a bit original I guess, it does have similarities with other (transport / reincarnated into fantasy world like novels), however I assure you that each "Arc" (that's what i'll call it) are certainly original. I assure you that as you keep reading the web novel, you will not be bored with it.

Art: 7/10
Uhh, the art is taken from the Light Novel. Honestly I couldn't say it's bad, the art is certainly nice. However because the LN and WN has slightly different stories, sometimes the art doesn't fit. Fear not, the Translator-San of the WN in Sousetsuka has explained this so.

Character: 8/10
Nice character dev. They're pretty unique. The Main Character is quite typical for this genre. However other main heriones / characters are pretty unique, they add a lot to the story line too. Also there's A LOT of side characters that are mentioned, and it's quite essential to remember them as they do reappear often. Because of this complex network of lots of characters, it adds a lot to the story of the WN also.

Enjoyment: 9/10
I can CONFIDENTLY say here, that I really enjoyed reading teh WN of this. As I have said before the story si very nice, and there's a lot of twists about the plot / MC hinted in the intermission and Short Stories. There's a lot of implicit meanings and ambiguous things in the WN. But because of the ambiguity, it allows me as the reader to enjoy the thrill of guessing ahead of the story and come up with our own ideas as to what they are.

In conclusion. I really recommend this WN to others, I've recommended this WN to some of my friends, and all of them agree that this WN is certainly interesting.

For Recommendations of similar WN / LN to this, I'd definitely recommend Mushoku Tensei. Yes, yes. It's all the hype now, but seriously, it's really good.

Cheers :)