Mar 19, 2016
tomateunmate (All reviews)
I was surprised to find out this came in 2008, based entirely on the art I assumed it was from the 90's or 80's but in retrospect I guess things like ahegao weren't that big back then. While the story is predictable and barely enough to justify the action and ero scenes, the art is pretty amazing. It has that bubbly aura in faces and hair from the 80's and even in the sex scenes there is a clear interest to make it cute in a caricature way, not similar at what is considered moe right now. The action scenes are dynamic and clear even when over-detailed and half the time you're not sure if you're reading something vaguely ero or completely sexual, some chapters are more of an action shone while others are entirely about the character masturbating. Strangely it works.

I'd recommend you check the art and decided based on that, it's not good fap material since you'd power through all the useful scenes in a couple minutes and it's not a great shonen since some times the resolution is just getting fucked by the orc.

Also, spoilers, a pretty happy ending.