Mar 19, 2016
Rolas978 (All reviews)
Quite literally the most underrated hentai ever made. This is the only hentai that you'll ever see that is a parody of a parody. It is a parody of a Dragon Ball special, which in turn is a parody of Journey to the West. This is a damn fine looking hentai, just absolutely wonderful. All the movements feel natural. The designs of the characters are not overtly obnoxious (in other words, they don't have huge ass tits, just regular big ones). The voice acting is quite nice, I especially enjoy the male characters voice. Even when I'm not watching it, I can still recall how it sounds. Pretty damn good, if you ask me.

This hentai does many things that you just don't ever see in any hentai. Not only is it a parody of a parody, this is the only hentai that has a sex scene with a motorcycle. Like a literal motorcycle. Like, the motorcycle grows dicks and girls get it on with it. I wish I could make this shit up, but it happens.

I've yet to talk about what actually happens in this. So pretty much, these girls fix broken machines by having sex with them - hence the fucking a motorcycle thing - and they are tasked with going to a city to help fix these robots that are sold into prostitution. What does any of that have to do with Journey to the West? No god damn clue.

Overall, this hentai is something to be praised and deserves much more attention than it gets. It also helps that this thing is uncensored, in this day and age.