Mar 19, 2016
tomateunmate (All reviews)
Harem is such a complicated genre to make enjoyable. The very nature of the story demands that there won't be a resolution until the popularity drops, and usually the quality of the comedy dropped long before that. Add that from the start you know that the first interest will be the winner, or maybe the second one if the author is extremely risky; and you end up feeling as if the entire story is desperately trying to bait you into things that won't happen. The main route to get the reader interest is being funny, which is hard to make universal.

I wouldn't say that this manga is extremely funny, although it does reach situations so far fetched that make it enjoyable as a slice of life comedy. The secondary characters are, as it tends to happen, far better romantic options and knowing that they are just filler for the childhood friend can make then a bit irritating.

I think the main element that makes this one work specially well is the absolute lack of human contact the MC has. The standard route i giving the MC two school friends who will desire his girls and maybe work as consolation prices for the losers, but having absolutely no one (and each time the class mates talk about him they quickly jump to assuming he abused people and should be in jail) makes it a bit more natural that he wouldn't think about having a girlfriend at all. When you can't talk to anyone, or share your mundane happiness, your mind would be aiming to something much more basic than getting your privates wet.

As the formula starts to get in place they lose the ironic reminder that they don't have friends (since they clearly are friends), so I'd like to assume the author is aware of how he's dealing with that topic without making it overly obvious.

As a side note I really like the sketchy style and while panel layout is pretty standard and the faces can be confusing here and there, it does have a general feeling that makes it appealing.