Mar 17, 2016
thelectricow (All reviews)
Konosuba is an anime that I initially thought was going to be great. I mean, it had awesome character design, and it was funny! Well... as you can probably see by the score, my opinion changed pretty quickly. In my opinion, at least 90% of comedy anime are destined for failure, because not everyone is going to find them funny. This one is no exception.
STORY: 2/10

I'm pretty sure everybody has said this already, but, it really is true. After the extreme success of Sword Art Online the reality to game genre has become an insanely overused trope. Konosuba does have one thing going for it though... Instead of choosing to become ridiculously powerful like almost every other protagonist, this protagonist decides to take the wish granter with him to the 'subarashi sekai'. I can tell you, I wasn't expecting that!
ART: 6/10

The art itself in Konosuba... is bad. Really bad. As in, it looks way too old for 2016 quality. It could have been worse, MUCH worse, but it is by no means impressive. What is impressive however, is the animation, especially in episode 10, with all those explosion scenes. Radiant colors flaring everywhere, shapes of all different sizes, but most importantly, in the episodes with the succibi and in the mansion..... HOLY CRAP DID YOU SEE THOSE JIGGLE PHYSICS?!
SOUND: 3/10

Ugh... well, here goes. Konosuba's sound factor. The opening theme is very catchy. But not the kind of way that makes you want to sing it all the time, the kind that makes you regret ever haring it because you can't stop singing it. The ending theme as well, is just plain and not something anyone will remember. I did like how some characters got themes to match their personalities, but even then the music was mediocre at best. The voice acting is done decently, but is nothing special. The sound effects were also average.

I'm actually scared to be writing this right now, because the amount of butthurt fanboys is going to be insane. But, here goes... I'll start off with character design. Unrecognizable. Every. Single. One of 'em. They have the traditional 'fantasy world' clothing and design, through and through. As for their personalities: Kazuma is a funny lead that tries to defy the harem cliches. Aqua is funny as well, and memorable for sure, but she is outshined by Darkness, a masochist. Yep. You heard me. A masochist. Hilarious! And of couuuurse, how could I forget fan favorite Megumin! Super cute and always unleashing explosions, what is NOT to love about these characters?!....... They aren't funny anymore. Usually unique characters being fit into a 10 episode anime like this are praised and loved by all, because there isn't enough time to realize the flaws in the character. (I'm guilty of this also). That's not the case with Konosuba. I think it was around episode 7 when I stopped laughing because I had heard the same jokes over and over again. By episode 10, they were straight up annoying.
OVERALL: 3.75/10

Konosuba... ok, I'm not even going to say it had potential, because it didn't. It was doomed to fail from the start. If you consider this anime funny it is definitely something to try, but if not, don't bother. I would only recommend it to extreme fans of the reality to game genre, and.... well... that's it. If you enjoy it, good for you! As for me, Konosuba was not my cup of tea.