Mar 16, 2016
DakenFrost (All reviews)
"This is not the world i was expecting!"

And i can't say it better then the protagonist! I thought it was going to be another "trapped in a fantasy world" but guys, how much i was wrong! Before starting to analyze other aspects i have to say this is anime is all a PARODY: flying cabbages, water tricks, soccer with heads and more will make the viewer ask him/herself "what the hell i am watching?" but if you actually enjoy a good comedy look no farther.

Story - 8
The plot itself is the "weak point" for me because being a comedy/parody it's pretty much about giving troubles to our party members but HOW those events are developed make it totally very nice to see. Furthermore a special notice goes to how Kazuma (the main character) grows: he learns more skill going on and use them in a very ingenious way making the story even interesting making you think "how will he use his skill now to solve the problem?"

Characters - 9
Absolutly the best point. The members of the "main party" are well characterized and at a certain point of the show you'll think you almost know them for real(VA really did a good job with acting)! Kazuma itself it's one of the best character i have ever seen being able to break many cliche (ex:" don't drink too much or the spell will not work"-he will not drink at all). The sub characters are not well made as the main group but they are there for making you laugh and trust me, they will.

Art - 7
While the characters may be your "standard characters" the animation of spells is really amazing!! It deserves at least 9!( EXPLOSION!) But well i can't rate only relying on spells...

Enjoyment - 10
This is actually subjective but i really liked it a lot. Never got bored, not a single time. Some jokes may be repetitive but never fall on the boring type ("Yes, i am Kazuma" while people start saying bullshits it's always gold)

Overall - 9
And here we are again. It's a fantasy parody for everyone (well the ep 9 is a bit too ecchi, so not really for every kind of audience..): a good plot, crazy characters with a one sane man makes jokes awesome and with a good touch of nice-to-watch skills.
If you like this kind of show you have to give it a try!

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